What Is A Flange?

- Dec 08, 2017 -

What is the flange? Most books say this: Flanges and their gaskets, fasteners collectively referred to as flanged joints. Flange joint is extremely common in engineering design, involving a very wide range of parts. It is a piping design, pipe fittings an essential part, but also other industries such as, thermal, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, self-control and other projects in a common component.

This may be very standard, but people who understand it may be less. For example, if there is a long-distance pipeline, it must be a section of pipe connected to the entire pipeline, but also in this pipeline to install valves, mirrors, retractors, etc., which can be used electric welding It is welded, but can not be removed after maintenance is not it? So most of the pipe will use the flange connector to facilitate future maintenance and replacement.

One end of the flange is welded to the pipe or otherwise joined together, and the two opposite flanges are fastened with fasteners (bolts), thus forming a complete pipe. Pipelines and valves, mirrors, etc. are also basically used this way to connect.

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