Gear Ring Forging Industry Is In A Continuous Upward Trend

- Dec 08, 2017 -

China's accession to the WTO has gradually become an important international trade. It has also contributed to the global economic expansion and caused great economic impact in Asia. China has become a giant manufacturing industry. The development of China's domestic ring enterprises, the integration of coastal industries, and the beginning of changes in industrial structure are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Because of their geographical relationship, the major task to be directly affected by Asian countries is how to avoid losses , The progressive industry has injected into the pressure of the ASEAN member countries of UX and the economic integration of structural reforms.

In recent years, China's gear ring forging industry in the power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other related industries to implement product mix adjustment, increase product added value, transformation and elimination of high pollution, high energy consumption, low efficiency equipment, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection of large Equipment investment has been the rapid development of opportunities. The policy of relying on resources and sacrificing the development mode of environment and vigorously developing renewable energies such as nuclear power and wind power provides an opportunity for the development of large forging industry.

The entire gear ring forging industry production continued to rise for several years in a row, the demand for products in short supply, especially for the key large forgings products worldwide shortage of enterprises with large forging manufacturing resources has become an important resource for competition around the world. The economic benefits of the entire industry have obviously improved. The industry has enjoyed a rare opportunity for development. The output of the entire industry, the output value of new product development and major economic indicators have all created a record high in China's large forgings industry.

Rings for precision forging and without technology, research and development are constantly being strengthened while we need expertise in areas where Japan is more focused on manufacturing resources and products as manufacturing precision, improving productivity and competitiveness.

In recent years, there has been a trend of growth in overseas factories to establish, partially offset the North American ring of export growth, said overseas producers are more and more in North America. Forging industry is very concerned about the steel in North America and the metallurgical industry, 2/3 North American Steel Company merger and reorganization, or many companies provide and rebar forging, steel forging plant to provide equipment, size and price of the recent steel, iron and steel tax system design Is to help the industry steel, stand up, but not the steel forging industry consumers.

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