Free Forgings In Order To Reverse This Situation, To Meet The High Market Demand

- Dec 08, 2017 -

In the 1990s, the trend of world economic development is that new technologies have become an important factor in promoting economic development. The adjustment of the global industrial structure has continued to deepen and the pace of internationalization has accelerated. The economy of developing countries has been developing rapidly. The developed countries have not only made progress in their products On the other hand, it is also seeking to expand outward in capital and technology.

China's accession to the WTO shows that it is necessary to take part in the international economic cycle. The production of free forgings in China will also be internationalized. The production of large forgings has a high technical content. To participate in international competition, the essence is quality, variety, cost and investment deepening Competition, that is, advanced production technology competition. To understand the development level of foreign forgings production and the development of industry production technology can we explore the technological transformation to speed up the production of free forgings in our country and develop the international market while raising the self-sufficiency rate. This is a very important issue at present.

Before and after the 1990s, due to the sluggish production of heavy industry in developed countries, the complete equipment market was in a state of saturation, resulting in the tightening and fierce competition in the market of large forgings. Coupled with the rising oil prices, the lack of labor and the strict implementation of environmental laws and regulations, Forgings production development. Another problem is that with the continuous development of large-scale mechanical products and major complete sets of equipment technology, the quality of forgings has been put forward higher performance requirements. In order to reverse this situation and meet the high requirements of the market, coupled with the rapid development of quite a few new types of steel, metallurgical technology and forging processing technology in recent ten years, the global forging industry restructuring has been promoted. Large increase in production technology to meet the fierce competition in the market requirements.

In the 1960s and 1970s, foreign countries producing large-scale free forgings re-divided their labor by adopting new technologies, new equipment, structural adjustment, shutting down and building a new batch of hydraulic machines. After several years, they gradually moved toward reasonableness.

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