Flange Factory Has A Lot Of Insulation Flange What Are The Effects

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Flange factory has a lot of insulation flange products, it has a buried pipe, pipe requirements and performance is required by the protective engineering, electrical insulation pipe flange joints. It consists of a pair of steel flanges, the insulation between the two flange seals are two parts of the insulation and insulation, which can shorten the steel short tube. Insulation flange and insulation joint is for the production of petroleum and chemical products. Its structure is very simple, very easy to use, performance is not bad, trustworthy product.

Many users evaluate the insulation flange is extremely high, insulating flange products have formed a series, when there are special circumstances, can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements. Its use is buried pipeline, anti-corrosion engineering, will require the insulation properties it can transport media requirements and temperature, pressure long-term and reliable work, when sufficient strength and sealing performance, its structure is very reasonable.

Assembly, disassembly and replacement of parts is very convenient, because it is used for conveying pipelines and gas products, its performance and pressure measurement, storage is very convenient, its main role is to gas pipeline with the advertising phase , Equipment and pipelines isolated from each other without chemical pollution, its service life will increase.

  • Tube Plate
  • Valve Body
  • Barrel Forge
  • Forged Sleeve
  • Cylinder Hollow
  • Anchor Flange

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