Domestic Ring Products In The Technology Has Been Greatly Improved

- Dec 08, 2017 -

In recent years, industrial production efficiency has been a core objective of our production from ancient times to today. This is the time to go to achieve the improvement of environmental quality and human beings than the technical train of thought, people harmony. Production environment model, the idea must be appropriate changes. Energy-intensive manufacturing has caused serious pollution, and in the past we must not affect more than just human life. Therefore, living in harmony and developing the environment is an inevitable thing. Hundreds of years of historical development in the international industrial development and reform, the current community-based economic development of the Chinese people is historical adaptation, if you do not do so, then we have to talk about the basic principles of economic development and environmental protection.

Modern industrial ring, energy saving, emission reduction, energy saving steel is selected to add an important feature. One is low-carbon, low-alloy steels designed for a wide variety of thermal treatments of steel, energy and steel products. This type of low carbon steel, steel, manufacturing and processing, energy saving, pollutant production and reduce emissions have cost advantages.

In recent years, China's carbon alloy forgings have made a lot of achievements in technology, new materials, new technology, electronic technology, computer technology, high-precision machining technology, measurement technology, heating and cooling technology, automation technology has a larger However, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries.

Advanced plastic forming technology, especially the physical study of the plastic deformation characteristics of materials, high alloyed hard-to-shape alloy, ingot billet and other forgings, equipment are being digitized, automated, precision direction. The development of cold forging technology forging precision forming has its unique advantages, the technology than the temperature forging and hot forging technology requirements are higher, the product market has a great competitive advantage.

The average life expectancy of die forging dies in China is only one-half or one-third of the advanced level in foreign countries. The main difference is that die materials and die-heat treatment have a big gap with foreign countries. Raising die heat treatment technology is the key direction for manufacturing enterprises.

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  • Forged Tube
  • Gear Shaft

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