Coupling Function Introduction

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Couplings belong to the category of mechanical common parts, used to join the two different agencies in the shaft (drive shaft and driven shaft) to rotate together to transfer torque mechanical parts. In high-speed heavy-duty power transmission, some coupling also buffer, reduce vibration and improve the dynamic performance of the shaft. Coupling consists of two halves, respectively, with the drive shaft and driven shaft coupling. Most power machines are mostly connected with the working machine by means of a coupling, which is the most commonly used coupling part of a shaft drive of a mechanical product. At the end of the 20th century, coupling products at home and abroad developed rapidly. During the product design, how to choose the coupling that meets the requirements of the machine from many kinds of couplings with different varieties and different performances, for most designers, It is always a disturbing issue. Common couplings include diaphragm couplings, drum gear couplings, universal couplings, safety couplings, flexible couplings and serpentine spring couplings Coupling Function Coupling of two shafts enables two shafts Common rotation to transfer movement and torque, to achieve the shaft and shaft coupling, separation, in order to achieve power transmission and interruption. The same point: Coupling two shafts, transferring motion and torque Differences: Coupling - Coupling of two shafts Only disengaged to disengage the clutch after stopping - The two shafts of the coupling can be easily disengaged and engaged in the machine operation.
Due to manufacturing and installation errors, due to the elastic deformation of components under load and temperature deformation, the coupling of the two axes inevitably have to produce a relative offset:
(A) type, structure and characteristics Therefore, the coupling should also have some ability to compensate for the two-axis offset
(B), the type and characteristics of coupling Mechanical coupling, hydraulic coupling, electromagnetic coupling

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