Coupling Correction Process Analysis

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Finding the coupling is one of the important tasks of the machine installation.The purpose of alignment is to make the two axes centerline of the driving shaft and the driven shaft be in the same line when the machine is working.The accuracy of the finding is related to whether the machine can Normal operation is especially important for high speed machines.
Accurate centering of two axes is difficult to achieve, and it is even more difficult to maintain accurate alignment of continuously running machines at all times. Uneven thermal expansion of parts, shaft flexing, uneven bearing wear, Displacement and the basis of uneven subsidence, are caused not easy to maintain the axis of the reason.Therefore, the design of the machine when the provisions of the two axis center has a tolerance, which is required when installing the coupling from the assembly Angle, as long as the coupling can ensure the safe and reliable transmission of torque, two axis center allows the greater the deviation, the more easily installed to meet the requirements. However, from the installation quality point of view, the smaller the centerline deviation of the two axes, the more accurate, the better the operation of the machine, the longer the service life. Therefore, the coupling can not be installed when the axis of the allowable deviation as the installation of the sloppy construction of the margin

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  • Forged Coupling
  • High Pressure Separator
  • Forged Hollow
  • LWN Flange

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