What material quality of the best flange

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Flange processing is generally divided into four kinds of technology

The first with scrap iron smelting embryo cost lower because most of the furnace are small workshop material simply can not guarantee the second process of simple carcass will have pores

The second is the steel cutting flange are generally formal production of steel plate material is more general than normal small aperture more easily processed relatively flat surface of the cost of lower quality can be

The third is the large diameter flanges are generally finished with the steel plate and then heat the material from the simmer roll is not good but there will be an interface between the need to be welded Although the welding can not see after processing but still not recommended for high pressure Pipeline

The fourth is forged flange material high density processing up the most troublesome but the best quality

  • Forged Disk
  • Tube Plate
  • Forged Sleeve
  • Rudder Pintle
  • Marine Intermediate Shaft
  • Plate Flange

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