What is a Weld Neck Flange

- May 17, 2018 -


The Weld Neck Flange is a part of the pipe and pipe connected to each other, and is connected to the pipe end. There are holes on the welding flange, and bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. Seal with a gasket. Welded flange is a disc part, which is most common in pipeline engineering.

Welding flange (flange) connection is to connect two pipes, fittings or equipment first to one welding. Between the two welding, the flange gasket is fastened together with bolts to complete the connection. Welding is an important way of connection for high pressure pipeline construction. Welded flange connection is easy to operate and can withstand great pressure. Welding flanges are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, power plants, metallurgical pipelines and other fields.

  • Bind Disc
  • Forged Coupling
  • Rudder Stock
  • Drive Shaft
  • Hydro Turbine Shaft
  • Orifice Flange

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