Ring forging and the use of warm extrusion forming technology is one of the measures to solve its technical difficulties

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Gear is a widely used mechanical industry, high performance requirements of the transmission parts, the need for forging blank. Among them, some of the complex shape, the end face with a bump and has some non-mating surface with less machining to meet the requirements of the gear forgings, die forging process design is a technical difficulty. In general, due to the complex geometry of the forgings, the traditional hot die forging method is easy to produce forging defects, it is difficult to meet the quality requirements, and the use of warm extrusion forming process technology is one of the measures to solve its technical difficulties.

Raw materials in the ring forging deformation process, the actual occurrence of the forging ratio of the various processes and the total forging ratio is too small, the forging blank can not achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the forging after forging; forging ratio is too large, not only increased the forging process Workload, and ring forging blank performance there will be anisotropy. The actual production forging than the size of the forging effect is more complex, must be based on their specific circumstances, forging conditions and forging process to conduct a comprehensive analysis and study, to take a reasonable forging ratio.

Improve the inherent quality of forging parts, mainly to improve their mechanical properties and reliability. This requires a better application of the theory of plastic deformation of metals; the use of materials of better intrinsic quality, such as vacuum-treated steel and vacuum-smelted steel; correct pre-forging and forging heat treatments; more rigorous and extensive non-destructive testing of forged parts .

Development of new materials such as powder metallurgy materials, liquid metal, fiber reinforced plastics and other composite materials forging processing methods, the development of superplastic forming, high energy rate forming, such as high pressure forming technology. Forging billet without oxidation heating, and high hardness, wear resistance, the development of longevity mold materials and surface treatment methods will be conducive to the expansion of precision forging, precision stamping applications. Development of higher productivity and automation forging equipment and forging production lines. Under specialized production, the labor productivity will be greatly raised and the forging cost will be reduced.

Ring forgings in mass production proved that the temperature extrusion process for the production of ring forging quality and stability, and reasonable structure, versatility, high production efficiency. Therefore, the production of ring forgings are used when the temperature extrusion molding process.

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