Large diameter flange and fasteners with the use of features

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Large diameter flange common welding flange and welding flange. Threaded flange is not large-caliber. In the actual production and sales, or flat welding products accounted for a large proportion. Flat-welded large-diameter flange and butt welded large-diameter flange structure and use of different range, to show the characteristics and advantages will be different, so when used to different ranges to ensure that the flange play an important role . Large diameter flat welding flange less steel, suitable for pressure p ≤ 4MPa occasions; also known as welded flange flange, more rigid, suitable for high pressure and temperature applications.
Flanges and fasteners
There are three types of flange sealing surface: flat sealing surface, suitable for low pressure, medium non-toxic occasions; concave and convex sealing surface, suitable for slightly higher pressure occasions; tongue and groove sealing surface, suitable for flammable and explosive , Toxic media and high pressure occasions. Large diameter flanges often used in conjunction with the fastener, the following said the following two applications: First, the large-diameter flange mechanical properties of the sample should be in the heat treatment of the rough along the rolling direction to steal, so cut The location is: If the blank diameter is not greater than 40mm, then the center should be sampled; if the blank diameter greater than 40mm, then take a quarter of the diameter as the center of the sample. Equal length studs and full-thread studs should be batch tested. Nuts should be approved by the hardness test; raw materials for special fasteners should have the production plant's material certificate.
Fasteners are a kind of mechanical parts widely used for fastening and connecting. They are widely used in machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, instruments and supplies. See all kinds of fasteners. It is characterized by a wide range of different specifications, different performance and use, and standardization, serialization, universal species is also very high.
Special large-diameter flange fasteners should be approved batch sampling test after heat treatment, the test results should be consistent with the relevant provisions, and should ensure that the mechanical properties of the product is not less than the performance of the sampling state. Nominal pressure PN is not less than 10.0MPa tube Large diameter flange with full stud should be according to JB 4730-1994 "pressure vessel non-destructive testing" for magnetic particle testing, finished testing after the product is no problem, and should comply with two forgings Large diameter flange requirements

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