Analysis of Life Factors Influencing Slewing Bearing Gear Billet

- Dec 08, 2017 -

With the rapid growth of wind power projects in our country, the demand for wind power key components such as wind power flanges and ring forgings also grows along with the emergence of ring rolling machines to speed up the production, size and quality of ring forgings.

With the machinery industry occupying an increasingly important position in society, people are increasingly demanding on the use of annular forgings. Some important forgings work under the conditions of high pressure, high speed and high temperature. Any surface defects, Not only directly affect the performance of parts, but also may cause stress concentration, stress corrosion and other phenomena will further accelerate the failure of parts, all with the processing of surface quality has a great relationship.

The reason is mostly due to wear and tear, corrosion or fatigue damage from the external environment except for a few due to inadequate design and strength is not enough, or due to accidental overload caused by failure or damage. Wear, corrosion and fatigue damage occur on its surface, or from the surface of the part. Therefore, the quality of the processed surface will directly affect its performance, so the surface quality issues more and more attention by all aspects.

The advantages of the ring forgings include a shortened cross section, a shortened length, an expandable cross section, a modifiable length, and a modifiable cross section. Forging the varieties are: free casting / hand forging, hot forging / fine casting, upsetting, roll forging and forging. Ring forgings are just one of many forgings.

  • Gear Blank
  • Thick Walled Cylinder
  • Forged Cylinder
  • Barrel Forge
  • Forged Sleeve
  • Blower Shaft

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