Forged Shafts

  • Pump Shafts

    Pump Shafts

    1.Name: pump shaft
    2.Detail description:
    Journal Diameter Dimensional Accuracy: IT6-IT9
    Shaft Shape: Real Axis
    Journal Surface...

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  • Rudder Pintle

    Rudder Pintle

    1. Name: rudder pintle
    2. Application: Forged steel shaft-marine shaft forging: intermediate shaft, tail shaft, propeller shaft are widely used in...

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  • Gear Shaft

    Gear Shaft

    Name: Gear shafts
    1.Produce according to with ISO, ASME, BS, GB, DIN, AGMA standard
    2.According to customer's drawing

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  • Rudder Stock

    Rudder Stock

    Name: rudder stock
    rudder stock also was known as rudder pulling rod. Rudder stock is a part of rudder system. rudder system include rudder stock,...

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  • Drive Shaft

    Drive Shaft

    1.Name: Drive shaft
    2.Details description
    Stiffness & Flexibility: Stiffness / Rigid Axle
    Axis Shape: Straight Shaft
    Appearance Shape:...

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  • Wind Turbine Shaft

    Wind Turbine Shaft

    1.Product Name: Wind Turbine Shaft/ Wind Power Turbine Shaft
    2.Application: steamship mining equipment, Construction equipment, Agricultural equipment,...

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  • Hydro Turbine Shaft

    Hydro Turbine Shaft

    1.Name: forged hydro turbine shaft
    2.Size: max length 12000mm, max OD 2000MM, max weight 60T
    3.Application: power generation, shipbuilding,...

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  • Blower Shaft

    Blower Shaft

    1.Name: Blower shaft
    2.Size: OD80--1500mm, Max length 12mm
    3.Material: 25Cr2Ni4MoV, 34CrNi3Mo, 30Cr2Ni2Mo
    4.Application: Transmission...

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  • Marine Propulsion Shaft

    Marine Propulsion Shaft

    1.Name: Marine propeller shaft
    2.Size: OD80--1500mm, Max length 12mm
    3.Weight: 3000kg--40000kg
    4.Material: H13, 4130, 4140, 4150, 4340,...

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  • Marine Intermediate Shaft

    Marine Intermediate Shaft

    1.Name: Marine intermediate shaft
    2.Application: Marine ship or boat
    3.Machining: rough machining or finish machining
    4.Requirement: The...

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  • Stern Shaft

    Stern Shaft

    1.Name:stern shaft
    2.Application: ship and vessel parts, marine propeller, pump parts
    The marine propeller shaft is an important part of the...

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  • Transmission Shaft

    Transmission Shaft

    1.Name: Transmission shaft, marine forged shaft
    2.Application: stern shaft, propeller shaft, ship shaft
    3.Size: OD.200-OD1000 mm Read More

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