Pressure Vessel Parts

  • Baffle Plate

    Baffle Plate

    1.Name: Baffle plate
    2.Application: Heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, steam turbine, air conditioning., etc
    3.Function: Support and fix...

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  • Tube Plate

    Tube Plate

    1.Name: Tube plate
    2.Size: OD Up to 5000mm, thickness up to 750mm, tube hole diameter up to 120mm
    3.Application: heat exchanger, boiler,...

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  • Tube Support Plate

    Tube Support Plate

    1.Name: Tube support plate
    2.Application: Water works, Heat exchanger, Pressure vessels, Condenser, Boiler, Shipbuilding industry, Petrochemical &...

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  • Channel Cover

    Channel Cover

    1.Name: Channel cover
    2.Size and Shape: Tema, Even Non-Tema, as Drawings
    3.Application: Heater, Cooler, Vaporizer, Condenser Read More

  • Nozzle


    1.Name: forged nozzle
    2.Size: Max OD3000mm/Max height:3000mm/ Max weight 15000kgs
    3.Standard: Fabricated to various standards and customer...

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