Forged Cylinders

  • Seamless Forged Bushings

    Seamless Forged Bushings

    1.Name: Seamless forged bushing
    2.Size: OD600--OD1800
    3.Length: Up to 3500mm
    4.Unit Weight: 400kg--50000kg
    5.Pressure: 1500-2500LB or...

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  • Forged Coupling

    Forged Coupling

    1.Name: Forged coupling
    2.Size: 1/2"-60" (DN15-DN2000)
    3.Section Thickness: Up to 800mm
    4.Length: Up to 3500mm...

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  • Forged Tube

    Forged Tube

    1.Name: Forged tube
    2.Size: Inside diameter from 40 to 1000mm
    3.Thickness: 4 - 40 mm
    4.Straightness: 0.3~0.8mm/m...

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  • Thick Walled Cylinder

    Thick Walled Cylinder

    1.Name: Thick walled cylinder
    2.Application: Petroleum, Chemical, Marine, Drug, Gas, Metallurgy, Mechanical, Food, etc...
    3.Material: Carbon...

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  • High Pressure Separator

    High Pressure Separator

    Product Description
    A SEPARATOR is a vessel in which a mixture of immiscible fluids are separated; e.g. Crude oil, Natural gas and Water.

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  • Forged Cylinder

    Forged Cylinder

    1.Name: forged cylinder
    2.Application: auto manufacturing, shipping building, aerospace industry, petrochemical plant, auto-power and wind-engine,...

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  • Forged Hollow

    Forged Hollow

    1.Name: forged hollow
    2.Size: Max OD:1100 mm, Max Length:10000 mm
    3.Features: Strong construction Optimal finish, Corrosion resistance...

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  • Valve Body

    Valve Body

    1.Name: valve body
    2.Size: 1/2" to 56"
    3.Class: 150LB to 2500LB
    4.Standard: ISO9001, API607, API6D, CE, TS

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  • Barrel Forge

    Barrel Forge

    1.Name: Barrel forge
    2.Process procedure:
    Forging process flow quality control:
    ● Raw material steel ingot into warehouse (test the...

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